Baseball bat attack teens given parole

THREE teenagers who broke into an East Ipswich home and attacked an occupant with a baseball bat have faced court.

The three men, all 18 years old at the time, were having a fight with two males and a young mum at the house.

The ringleader of the group, Aidan Thomas Poulton, became paranoid one of be victims was trying to "set him up".

He recruited two mates and went around to the house, forced their way in and assaulted three people.

Their first victim was a young mum when two of the men forced their way into the house and pushed her on their way in.

Michael Jason Dean and Daniel James Hall went along to help Poulton settle the dispute and had intended just to "clear the air" but things turned ugly when Poulton armed himself with a baseball bat and started smashing the house up. Both male victims said they weren't interested in a fight but the court heard the violence escalated quickly.

As one of the victims was being punched in the head by Hall, he grabbed a butter knife to defend himself and stabbed Hall in the head.

Poulton retaliated by striking the victim across the back with a baseball bat. After the assault the three co-offenders fled in a car and were tracked by police a short time later. Officers located two baseball bats in the car. Photos tendered to the court showed significant damage to the house, totalling $1600, and abrasions to the victims.

All three men pleaded guilty to entering a premises with intent by break and assault occasioning bodily harm while armed and in company. Poulton also pleaded guilty to an additional charge of wilful damage,

Dean was sentenced to 12 months prison, wholly suspended for two years. Both Poulton and Hall were sentenced to two years with immediate parole.

The court heard the victims tried to retract the charges because the group had since reconciled.

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