Banned dog breeds are almost history for Ipswich

COUNCIL investigations have ruled out any suggestion the dog responsible for last week's attack was a restricted breed or a cross of a breed banned in Ipswich.

The American bulldog was recently purchased by the Eastern Heights family and was not registered with Ipswich council.

The five breeds - American pit bull terrier, Dogo argentino, Fila brasileiro, Japanese tosa and Perro de presa canairo - and cross breeds of these dogs are banned from Ipswich as restricted dogs under local laws.

The ban does not apply if the dog was registered with Council, and a permit to keep the dog was issued before the laws were introduced in July 2004.

Health and Community Safety Committee chairman Andrew Antoniolli said the pit bull terrier was the only restricted dog breed registered in Ipswich and there were "limited" numbers of them remaining.

According to breeders, the American bulldog is "loyal, reliable, brave and determined, not a hostile dog and loves children".

However breeders warn the dog has "strong protective instincts, and needs a firm master. "Without that strong-minded pack leader who can tell the dog what is expected of it, it may be aggressive with other dogs."

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