Bank details con used to steal $2,500 from victim

A MAN who stole $2,500 from someone after he conned them into giving him their bank details, and refused to return a phone he stole unless the victim paid him $100, has been refused bail.

Christopher Mark Lobegeiger, 22, yesterday pleaded guilty at the Ipswich Magistrates Court to fraud and attempted fraud.

The court heard on September 6, 2012 Lobegeiger called a person who wasn't known to him and convinced them to give him their bank details in what police prosecutor Brad Dick described as a "ruse or a trick".

Lobegeiger then transferred $2,500 out of the person's account and into his own. He then attended Suncorp Riverlink and withdrew the money.

The court heard nearly a month later Lobegeiger overheard a woman talking on the phone to the station master at Rosewood train station describing her lost phone.

Lobegeiger then went to the station master and told him he was the woman's boyfriend and used the description she gave to convince the man to give him the phone.

He was captured on CCTV and described by the woman who had noticed him and the station master who he was known to.

The woman eventually purchased a new phone and rang her old number which Lobegeiger answered. When she said who she was he immediately hung up, before sending her messages telling her he'd give her the phone and SIM card back for $100.

Following the plea of guilty the matter was adjourned for sentence after concerns regarding the length of time he had spent in presentence custody.

Magistrate Michael Quinn said Lobegeiger was at risk of imprisonment and refused bail.

The matter will be heard again on Friday.

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