Tom Hill makes pies at his family-owned business, Grange Road Bakehouse, on Friday.
Tom Hill makes pies at his family-owned business, Grange Road Bakehouse, on Friday. Sarah Harvey

Bakehouse puts its best into pie

WITH the temperature dropping and we are now heading into winter, the hot pie naturally becomes a real favourite.

The Grange Road Bakehouse is a popular destination to call into for a range of fresh-baked products.

We are all familiar with the smell of fresh bread, very enticing and bakehouse fresh.

Manager Tom Hill said he was very pleased with how the bakehouse was going.

"We have been open just 12 months and it has grown to a good business," Mr Hill said.

Like all businesses, they are feeling the impact of tougher times, but they are holding their own.

He is a true believer in supporting local businesses and recognises the value to nearby residents while operating a local business like this.

"The owners had access to some bakehouse equipment and saw this as a great opportunity.

"The shop is in a great location, just near the Grange Road Pharmacy," he said.

"The Grange Road Bakery is really specialising on the pies, and these are a real meal. Individual or family pies are available, from the humble meat pie to the curry, kidney and a wide range of other pies.

"We are baking the pies all day so they are truly baked fresh. They are a real meal, have one of these and you have had something to eat.

Tom Hill said that the pies were proving very popular.

"They are all meat. We do not put in vegetables; it is packed full of quality meat.

"The family pies are a quick meal idea, just add a small salad or some vegetables and it will make a filling meal. They also sell sausage rolls, filos and even Smokeys, the traditional frankfurter on a roll with chilli or barbecue sauce," he said.

"We use American frankfurters. We find they are the best and these are very popular."

The range of bread, cakes and slices are brought in from an associate bakery.

"These are baked fresh each day and they come to us fresh from the oven. This helps keep costs down and we all win," Mr Hill said.

Hospitality is in Tom Hill's blood.

He worked as a publican for 35 years and decided to move on from that and took up this role as manager.

He says that he loves it and of course it is all about the customer and having a chat, making them feel welcome.

This attitude and type of service is what, he believes, keeps customers coming back.

"The bread prices at supermarkets are not able to be matched by us, but people still want to be able to come into a local business and talk to somebody not just get it off a shelf," he said.

Grange Road Bakehouse is very active on Facebook.

They are open from 5.30am each day, closing Monday to Friday at 5.30pm, Saturday 4.30pm and Sunday 3.30pm.

They carry those essentials such as milk, cold drinks and even ice creams. People do come in for breakfast on the run. They will do egg and bacon on a roll.

Away from the pies, they sell bread rolls with roast lamb, pork, also ham and chicken, as well as the old favourite, corned beef.

"We can also do pizza and have a variety of toppings."

There is one thing for certain; you will find most things at the Grange Road Bakehouse.

They are located at 68 Grange Rd, Eastern Heights, and can be contacted by telephone on 3812 3793.

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