'Baddest female on the planet' to face her toughest challenge

THE UFC Octagon arrives in Melbourne this weekend for the first time with UFC 193 set down for Etihad Stadium on Sunday.

A record crowd of 70,000 is expected to turn up to watch the fights with the main event pitting the "baddest female on the planet'' in undefeated champion Ronda Rousey up against three-time boxing world champion Holly Holm.

Holm promises to be the toughest opponent Rousey has faced, with her last three opponents only keeping her in the Octagon for just over a minute.

Other fights that fans will be wanting to see will be on the undercard where Mark "Super Samoan" Hunt will be fighting Antonio "Big Foot'' Silva and Aussie Robert Whittaker will ply his fighting ability against Ariah Hall.

NRL viewing shake-up

THE National Rugby League has finally released a proposed TV schedule for the 2016 season.

What can you make of some significant changes?

A major plus is that all games will be shown live with Foxtel to televise all eight games.

Three of these will be simulcast live from Channel 9.

Monday Night Football has been axed in favour of the newer Thursday night time slot of 8pm.

Friday night is where supporters that like to go to their teams' games will be upset with the first game to start at 6pm.

This will not draw a big crowd due to a poor starting time but I am sure the TV ratings will be good.

Super Saturday will return on Foxtel with three games to be played at 3pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

The remaining two games will be played on Sunday with Foxtel covering the 2pm game and Channel 9 the game at 4pm.


'The Mouth' shut

THE name Anthony Mundine always polarises sporting fans around Australia with a lot of people willing to give their opinion of the self-proclaimed "The Man".

His latest defeat in the ring has again brought out the many differing opinions that people have about Mundine.

No one can doubt that this man has an abundance of boxing talent that he has put on show from his first fight in 2000 against Gerrard Zohs.

To build a record of 47-7 and win three titles shows that Mundine must be rated in the top fighters that Australia has produced.

However it is unfortunate that a majority of Australians will not recognise this because of the way that he portrayed himself.

The boastful way that he kept saying that he was the best, plus angering the public with many controversial statements will not see him recognised for the fighter he was.

He said he was "The Man'' but a more apt description would be "The Mouth''.


Quick thoughts

BOMBER'S bouquet: It's about time the selectors picked some Queenslanders in the Test cricket team and what great performances by Joe Burns and Usman Khawaja.

Bomber's beef 1: Drug cheats are not welcome in any sport. If you can't play fairly then don't play at all. If proven then it should be bye bye to Russia for the Rio Olympics.

Bomber's beef 2: Surely James Sutherland must had been celebrating too hard when he suggested that beach cricket be included in the Olympics. Thumbs up for indoor cricket or T20 though.

Bomber's best: Kevin Na got my kiss of death last weekend with a horror tournament, so I am looking at something a little different.

Back Australia to win the coin toss at $1.95 for the Perth Test today.

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