BUSY: Orion Lagoon has created some parking complaints at the nearby shopping centre.
BUSY: Orion Lagoon has created some parking complaints at the nearby shopping centre. Wes Palmer

Bad parking feedback follows lagoon success

THE new lagoon at Robelle Domain has proven extremely popular since opening in September - so popular in fact that it appears a significant number of those visiting the lagoon have been taking up car parks at the nearby Orion Shopping Centre.

A report conducted before the lagoon was built estimated that it would attract somewhere in the vicinity of 100,000 visitors per year, but that appears to have been blown out the window, with Ipswich City Council suggesting ballpark figures of about 50,000 visitors during the first month.

The opening of the lagoon certainly has been a double-edged sword for the shopping centre, which will be trying to balance the flow-on benefits of the lagoon with looking after loyal shoppers.

A QT story published on Tuesday featured observations from a few Orion shoppers who said they struggled to find a car park recently, and that they suspected this was due to overflow - so to speak - from the lagoon.

While the use of the water park at Springfield is free, visitors were advised ahead of its opening not to head out there without a few coins in the pocket.

While there are 80 spots in the council parking lot adjacent to the lagoon, and free parking along Southern Cross Cct, the next option is the $3 parking at the bottom of the University of Southern Queensland, or the $5 parking outside Springfield Tower or the GE building.

QT Facebook followers had plenty to say on the subject.

Sarahrochelle Whitehead said that she believed there were more free spaces near the Lagoon that many people weren't aware of: "There is ample parking on the other side of Robelle. It takes all of two minutes to walk there and there's no need to cross the road."

Rebecca Amy O'Brien suggested that even those parks were snapped up quickly during the busiest times: "When you go on the weekends those parks are taken too."

Hannah Whitehouse added: "There are more car parks being built aren't there? So it's only short-term and it is super busy because it's so new.

The 1000 new car parks Ms Whitehouse is referring to will be part of Orion Shopping Centre's stage 2 development.

Jacky Jones-Barnes said: "ICC should stop all developement in Ipswich region until they come up with suitable plan to address this problem. It is no good trying to encourage business to relocate here as they will be disadvantaged with reduction of customers."

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