Backyard drug lab man refused bail

A MAN accused of running a clandestine drug lab in an Ipswich backyard has been refused bail.

Police searched the property on South Deebing Creek Rd at Deebing Heights on Tuesday afternoon and discovered the alleged amphetamines lab in a shed, along with a loaded rifle.

Shane Rhodes, 42, was arrested and charged with producing dangerous drugs, possessing anything used in the commission of a crime, unlawful possession of weapons and two charges of possessing relevant substances or things. Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Rhodes was on bail at the time over another alleged drug lab in the same shed a year earlier.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Brad Dick said Rhodes should not be granted bail as he was an unacceptable risk of re-offending.

“The clandestine lab that was the subject of the raid on Tuesday is more sophisticated and set up than the charges he is currently on bail for,” Snr Cnst Dick told the court.

Defence lawyer Clark Bushnell applied for bail for his client and said the equipment in the shed was not assembled and the chemicals were simply household items like caustic soda.

“They were scattered about this shed,” Mr Bushnell said.

“They amount to pieces of glass and pieces of metal.”

“He hasn’t been charged with any possession of any drug, whether it is schedule one or otherwise.”

But Snr Cnst Dick said while the materials were not operating at the time, the drug lab had previously been in operation.

“All of these items are consistent with the production of dangerous drugs,” he told the court.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess refused Rhodes’ bail application and he was remanded in custody.

Rhodes gave his de facto partner a “thumbs up” signal as he was led from court.

His case will next be mentioned on March 23.

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