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Ayda frustrated by husband's relationship with her mother

AYDA Field has a "three musketeer" relationship with her mother and husband Robbie Williams.

The 37-year-old beauty, who married the pop star in 2010, has revealed her movie producer mother Gwen Field and her chart-topping husband enjoy a great relationship, which, at times, leaves her feeling frustrated.

Ayda shared: "I really treasure every moment I have with my mom and I'm so lucky that my husband embraces my mom. We have this three musketeer relationship. I'm so blessed ... I'm so lucky to have such a close relationship with her and to have her here. When she's in England, she's right by us."

Ayda revealed that Robbie, 42, and her mother occasionally get together to play pranks on her, including one recent occasion when they sneaked into her room and woke her up using a loud horn.

Subsequently, Robbie posted the comical video on the photo-sharing website Instagram.

Explaining the backstory to the prank, Ayda told ITV's 'Loose Women': "You saw the video of them waking me up. That was masterminded by the two of them.

"I mean, I dare not get in between the two of them. Sometimes I'm like, 'Come on mom, come on Rob!' She'll stick up for him. She's like, 'He's had a really long day, he's worked really hard.'"

Ayda also revealed that her dad's death from a sudden heart-attack has led her to cherish having her mother around.

She reflected: "About a year and a half ago, my dad died unexpectedly. And I think I always thought in my mind that my journey with my dad would be much longer.

"He had his heart-attack and he was gone, you know, it was a realisation to me that you want to have your parents for a really long time, but it doesn't mean that you will."

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