JUST JOKING: British musician Lily Allen.
JUST JOKING: British musician Lily Allen. LEON NEAL

Aussie larrikinism takes a battering

HEAVEN help Australia if we lose our sense of humour.

One of the building blocks of this country is our ability to take the mickey out of ourselves, but these days you can't even chuck a pop singer in handcuffs or make a little off-hand remark about sniffer dogs at Sydney airport without getting into strife.

The Splendour in the Grass Festival made more headlines for the associated action off the stage than it did for the dozens of musical acts which appeared on it, thanks to Lilly Allen's mock arrest and a cheeky flight attendant's friendly warning to passengers on board a flight from the Gold Coast to Sydney.

Now these Federal Police officers involved in escorting Ms Allen from the airport to her waiting limousine surely have some strict protocols but do their backsides have to be dragged over the proverbial coals just for obliging in a little bit of light-hearted fun?

This is a music festival for goodness' sake - not the G20 - it's okay to smile and have a bit of a laugh and maybe even have your photograph taken.

Was anyone's life in danger?

I think the vast majority of people would look at this and wonder what all the fuss was about, especially when we've got kids being blown up at schools and playgrounds in the Middle East.

The same goes for the incident involving the friendly flight attendant who had the audacity to warn passengers of the presence of sniffer dogs at Sydney airport, on-board a flight that contained several Splendour in the Grass fans.

I'm not one to dabble in disco biscuits these days and certainly wouldn't advocate carrying the damn things on my person during a domestic flight - that would be downright asking for trouble.

At the same time, if a bunch of kids feel the need to indulge, then a huge music festival is about as good a place as any to do so.

They are probably a lot less likely to cause trouble than, say, your average yobbo who can't handle his rum and coke.

Sure, the flight attendant may have gone a bit outside his or her normal duties in warning passengers to flush anything they shouldn't have down the loo but is there actually anything wrong with being in touch with the reality of the situation? After all, the flight attendant's primary concern should be the well-being of the customers.

Try putting yourself in their shoes If I was a flight attendant and could do something to prevent one of my passengers from suffering the indignity of a rectal examination, my customer service instincts would kick in immediately.

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