Aus Post Parcel Facility
Aus Post Parcel Facility

Aus Post shies away from decision on contentious issue

AUSTRALIA Post has come under fire for its "lack of effort and initiative" resolving issues for those in the southern sector of postcode 4306.

In August, prior to the new Redbank Australia Post parcel sorting facility, the company said it would conduct a review of rezoning 'regional' areas that were close to metropolitan outlets.

Ipswich advocate Simone Karandrews said the matter, which had been ongoing since November 2017, was hampering the region's economic growth.

"It is long past time to rectify the discrimination that residents and businesses suffer at the hands of a government corporation," she said.

"What is needed is recognition of the metropolitan areas and rezoning as such and implementation and review of postcodes so that they reflect the geographical areas that they cover - not the current 39 localities of 4306 that includes areas of Ipswich, Brisbane, Somerset and Scenic Rim council areas."

However while Australia Post acknowledged the '4306' issue, they are relying on their new sorting facility at Redbank to increase operational speed.

"Australia Post has recently begun operations at our new Redbank facility, which is expected to significantly improve service in the area," a spokesman.

"Along with Redbank's opening, we have done a lot of work in the area to improve speed, scanning and delivery services to businesses, senders and receivers.

"We are currently assessing all our delivery options to the area and we are confident with the introduction of our new facility we can quickly streamline and further improve delivery to our customers in 4306. We will keep the community updated as we progress."

Ms Karandrews said this response differed greatly from one she received in a meeting between Australia Post representatives in August and questioned how much longer the process would take.

"This reply demonstrates the lack of effort and initiative by Australia Post to genuinely address resolution of this postcode drama as per their commitment to the southern sector of 4306 following my federal parliamentary petition and their subsequent announcement of review back in November 2017," she said.

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