Aunty acts and locks car in shed to stop driver

A DISQUALIFIED driver twice caught behind the wheel, had his car taken off him by his caring aunty. She then locked it away in a shed.

Ipswich police prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo said driver Cameron Kleinhans was disqualified when caught out driving in defiance of the order.

He also failed to immediately stop when police drove after him at Silkstone.

Kleinhans, 22, from Deebing Heights, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to failing to Stop for police at Silkstone on October 10; and two counts of driving when disqualified by a court order at Leichhardt on September 9, and Silkstone on October 10.

At the time he was disqualified from driving for three months.

Snr Cnst Spargo said police saw Kleinhans driving a black Mazda 3 on Glebe Rd. It was 6pm and the car had no headlights on.

Police switched on the sirens and flashing lights but the Mazda continued and police lost sight of it.

When it was later sighted on Salisbury Rd, the driver had stopped.

Kleinhans told officers he didn't stop because he held no licence and was attempting to elude the police.

He had been driving a green Holden ute at Leichhardt in the first offence.

The court heard Kleinhans was using his cars to get to and from work and he had since taken off the registration plates, given the car keys to his aunty who locked it in a shed.

His lawyer sought a fine for the first offence and a suspended jail term for his second.

When asked by magistrate David Shepherd if he would agree to complete an 80 hour unpaid community service work order, Kleinhans said yes.

Mr Shepherd said it was his view that what he did had been a bit of stupidity, by making his priority getting to work rather than think of the consequences.

He said Kleinhans had since made some efforts that shows he was a person with potential.

"But don't ruin it by doing silly things," Mr Shepherd said.

Mr Shepherd said a large fine would be oppressive as Kleinhans was now not working.

Kleinhans was fined $350 for failing to stop. His licence was disqualified two years on each offence. He was ordered to complete 80 hours of unpaid community service work.

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