Attacker in jail for road rage

A MAN was bashed in a terrifying road rage incident outside an Ipswich school because he accidentally bumped his attacker’s car.

Robert Gall, a carer, was punched and kicked repeatedly on the ground outside Brassall State School after the minor traffic crash on March 31 last year.

His attacker, a stay-at-home dad, Andrew Crichton, was sentenced to 12 months jail and will be released on parole on June 9.

Mr Gall was driving to a pharmacy to collect his father’s medication when he stopped at lights at the intersection of Pine Mountain Road and Hunter Street.

He stopped in the turning lane behind Crichton, who was driving a large four wheel drive.

Mr Gall, 49, could not see the traffic light behind the large 4WD but started to move forward when Crichton’s car and the cars next to him began to move.

However, he did not notice Crichton’s car had stopped as there was a red turning arrow, and Mr Gall bumped the back of the four wheel drive.

Crichton, 33, was enraged by the crash and started yelling that he was going to sue Mr Gall, calling him an idiot, and waving his arms around.

Mr Gall got out of his car and could not see any damage to the 4WD but Crichton kept demanding he make a claim.

Despite Mr Gall speaking calmly and telling Crichton that if he wanted to keep arguing, they should move around the corner away from the heavy traffic, he was attacked.

As Mr Gall tried to get back in his car, Crichton slammed the open door against his chest, dragged him from the vehicle; kicked and punched him repeatedly to the head while he lay motionless on the road.

The unprovoked assault finally ended when a witness yelled at Crichton to stop and he got back into his car and left, leaving Mr Gall lying on the road.

A witness wrote down his registration plate and called police.

Mr Gall was treated at Ipswich Hospital for concussion, bruising, a nose fracture, scratches and a chipped tooth.

Crichton pleaded guilty in Ipswich District Court to assault occasioning bodily harm.

Crown prosecutor Nick Hanly said Crichton should be jailed for 18 months and released on parole after six months.

“This was an unprovoked attack on a person not known by the defendant in peak hour traffic outside a school where there were children around,” Mr Hanly said.

Mr Hanly said Crichton was lucky Mr Gall did not suffer more serious injuries.

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