Attack on guard ends in probation

A MAN who attacked a security guard, breaking his nose, has been placed on probation for a year.

Matthew Simeon Cavies, who has several previous convictions for assaults, attacked the bouncer because the guard pushed his friend.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Cavies, 26, and his friend were at Hotel Metropole on August 14 when the friend was asked to leave due to his unruly behaviour.

The friend refused and was physically removed and Cavies followed voluntarily.

Cavies’ friend behaved in an antagonising and threatening manner so the security guard was forced to push him away, the court was told.

Without warning, Cavies rushed over and punched the security guard repeatedly until three other guards restrained him.

Cavies was sat down in a garden bed while the security guards attempted to “restore order” as a large group had gathered to watch, but then jumped up and again threw several punches at the same victim.

The security guard suffered a broken nose and swelling to his face.

Cavies, who is unemployed, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm.

He was placed on probation for 12 months and will be required to undergo psychiatric treatment, refrain from using drugs and alcohol and perform testing to ensure his compliance.

A conviction was recorded.

He was also ordered to pay $800 for the security guard’s pain and suffering.

Defence lawyer Yassar Khan said his client thought the security guard was “pushing and punching” his friend so he retaliated.

“He was intoxicated at the time,” Mr Khan said.

The lawyer said his client had schizophrenia and had never received counselling for his anger management problems during previous probation orders, which he had breached by re-offending.

Cavies had previous convictions for assaults and faced court last year over a public nuisance offence where he punched a nightclub security guard for pushing him.

Magistrate Michael Quinn said he imposed probation so Cavies could get the guidance, skills and treatment he needed to prevent him from re-offending.

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