At 84, this Ipswich legend is nowhere near retirement

FAMILIAR FACE: Garth Llewelyn as opened First National Commercial. Pictured with Cheryl Kermond and Melanie Johnston.
FAMILIAR FACE: Garth Llewelyn as opened First National Commercial. Pictured with Cheryl Kermond and Melanie Johnston. Rob Williams

ICONIC Ipswich businessman Garth Llewellyn has turned a new page in his real estate career.

After selling the residential arm of his business, Garth, 84, has now opened a new office on Brisbane St.

He hasn't moved far from his old spot, taking up residence next door in the space the Dorothy Bell Café once occupied, named after the owners' wives.

Brand new signage has gone up at the new commercial office for First National Action Realty Ipswich and the inside still smells of fresh paint.

When asked if he had plans to slow down, Garth said he couldn't give up the sense of purpose and love of real estate that sometimes kept him awake at night.

"I always keep a notebook with me because sometimes I'll wake up and think, 'I must remember to do that tomorrow', and I'll quickly write it down, then go back to sleep," Garth says.

"The space where our commercial arm was, was needed for the residential side, so we needed to move out.

"It was as though the Lord was at work, that the space next door opened up when it did, which has given us street frontage on Brisbane St."

Garth's long career in real estate began in 1959 working for then kings of the industry Jackson & Meyers who had an office on Bell St.

After learning from the city's finest, Garth opened his own office in Bell Arcade but quickly outgrew that and moved the business onto Brisbane St where it is today.

The commercial arm of the business has been named Australia's best, within First Action Realty, winning several company awards in 2016, including the highest number of settled sales.

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