Contractors remove asbestos materials.
Contractors remove asbestos materials. David Nielsen

Asbestos found at Ipswich worksite

THE discovery of asbestos at an Ipswich worksite is being treated as extremely serious by the State Government.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has revealed tests found asbestos on the Ripley Rd overpass project.

The department is offering support to about 150 workers involved in the project work who were concerned about asbestos exposure.

Metropolitan regional director Ron Michel is urging any workers who believe they could be affected to contact Transport and Main Roads.

Workers attended an asbestos information session yesterday.

"Records indicate that everybody who has been on site - about 150 workers - has been contacted, and today we held an information session to answer their questions," Mr Michel said yesterday.

"An expert from asbestos management and a doctor addressed the session at Transport and Main Roads' Nathan depot to inform workers about the next steps.

"This matter is being taken extremely seriously."

Mr Michel said the project team had acted promptly once asbestos was found to be present. Further samples were taken and tested to determine the area affected.

All work on the overpass has been stopped and an exclusion zone is in place.

The process to remove the asbestos is under way by a licensed asbestos removal contractor.

The department started work to repair the badly damaged Ripley Rd overpass after a truck hit it in January.

Transport and Main Roads will implement recommendations made by asbestos contamination experts before any work restarts on the site.

Investigations will continue, and any worker who thinks they may have been exposed should contact Transport and Main Roads on 3137 8344.

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