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Arnold prepares his memoirs

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger has previewed the cover image of his forthcoming memoir, Total Recall, on

The film star and former California Governor settled on a steely-eyed headshot for the front cover, but is asking his fans to suggest images for the back.

Specifically, he's after three pictures to encapsulate his careers in bodybuilding, "acting" and politics.

What ought to concern him more, however, is the title.

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The Governator's 1990 sci-fi smash Total Recall has been remade for release in the autumn, just before his book comes out; won't readers mistake it for a film tie-in, and isn't there another, equally suitable title in his filmography?

Last Action Hero, for instance, reflects his place in the pantheon of traditional action stars.

The Running Man would refer not only to his film career, but to his electoral success.

Raw Deal might be suitable for the chapter in which he gets paid more than $30m for Terminator 3, or the one about the California budget crisis.

Depending on how much of his past he decides to reveal, True Lies might be more fitting than Total Recall.

And if you believe all those allegations of serial groping, you might prefer Predator.

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