Chamber chief says cut red tap and simplify taxes

CUTTING red tape and simplifying the tax system were two of the four main election priorities for small business, national Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief Peter Anderson said on Wednesday.

As part of the sector's Too Big to Ignore election campaign, Mr Anderson outlined the four priorities in a speech at the National Press Club.

He said government regulations at all levels were "suffocating small business" and the tax and finance system were impossible for the average small business to understand and comply with.

"Australia has become a very costly place for small business to hire, keep and dismiss staff. And when times are tough, that means jobs and hours get cut," Mr Anderson said.

"Our roads are congested, our ports bottlenecked and our rail networks groaning with overuse."

Mr Anderson said the political class would only ignore the small business movement "at its peril".

"Business people are mobilising. Small businesses may be small voices on their own, but together they are too big to be ignored by our country or its politics," he said.The four priorities the sector called to be addressed were to:

  • Cut down on the red tape
  • Simplify the tax system
  • Make it easier to employ people
  • Build better infrastructure

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