Miraculous crash escape


A DETOUR to get a friend a birthday cake on Monday morning did not turn out to be such a good idea for best mates Kerryn Hyett and Angela Kruger. The two girls were trapped inside their overturned Suzuki Swift on the Warrego Highway after they were pushed into an embankment from a merging vehicle. Yesterday the pair told of their miraculous escape which was featured on the front page of Tuesday's QT. Ms Hyett, 19, was the driver of the car and was "amazed" she only sustained soft tissue damage to her hip and pelvis and some cuts and bruises. Her passenger Ms Kruger, received a large "bash" to her head, stiff knees and two black eyes. "Everyone keeps telling us how lucky we are," Ms Kruger said. "I can't remember much. I know there was a car that tried to merge but didn't give us enough space. "We braked heavily and I can remember the back tyres hitting the gravel." The girls said they were on their way to work at Bundamba Skateaway but went a different route and took the Warrego Highway after getting their friend a chocolate mud cake. "It wasn't so good because we had cake everywhere while we were upside down in the car, as well as slurpies and hash browns," Ms Hyett joked. The accident happened about 8.40am on the Brisbane-bound lane, about one kilometre from the Karalee off ramp on Monday. Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, Queensland Ambulance and Police Service officers were at the scene and helped to free the women from the vehicle. In Ms Hyett's lounge room yesterday afternoon the pair recounted their ordeal. "We were talking and comforting each other," Ms Kruger said. "Kerryn was crying a lot and I told her to stop apologising. She undid her seatbelt and fell to the ground, which of course was the roof" The accident has prompted Ms Hyett to consider taking a defensive driving course. "Looking at the car in the tow yard I know how lucky I am to be alive," Ms Hyett said. "We just want to thank everyone who helped us during and after the accident." Ms Hyett's mother Sylvia said both the young girls had been "kissed by an angel".

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