Jet's Law honours toddler's memory

THE State Government will honour the memory of a Springfield Lakes toddler tragically killed in a road crash in 2004 by naming legislation after the little boy in a first for Queensland legislation.

Jet Rowland was only 22 months when chef Ian Alexander McLeod had an epileptic fit while driving on the Logan Motorway.

Mr McLeod's vehicle veered across the median strip and ploughed into Jet's mother Anita Rowland's RAV 4.

The crash not only stole Jet's life but left his brother Bailey, then seven, paralysed from the hips down.

Medical Condition Reporting Legislation introduced after the tragedy will now be named Jet's Law in recognition of the little boy whose death inspired the laws.

The legislation - which means drivers with medical conditions must report that condition to Queensland Transport - will also be enhanced as part of the move.

Premier Anna Bligh said more than 1450 casualties were recorded as a result of crashes involving drivers and riders with medical conditions in Queensland between July 2001 and July 2006.

"There are still those who don't advise Queensland Transport of their conditions despite the advice of their doctors," she said.

"This new process ensures health professionals are notified by Queensland Transport when their patients advise of medical conditions.

"This improved Jet's Law will close that loophole.

"Doctors will now know who has or hasn't provided information and they can take appropriate action."

The Premier said the amendments were developed after extensive consultation with state health professionals.

She said Jet's Law will be the first piece of legislation in Queensland to take the name of the person who inspired it.

"Jet's death was a tragic accident," she said.

"I hope that this decision to name the legislation after little Jet gives some comfort to his mother Anita who I know has lobbied for this measure."

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