Fireworks spectacular finally here

By Eliza Plant

IPSWICH skies will come alight tonight as pyrotechnics operators set off spectacular fireworks displays to see in the new year.

Bob Blore, from Bob Blore Pyrotechnics Pty Ltd Fireworks Specialists, is gearing up to impress revellers with a stunning showcase.

Mr Blore said he had included some new products which had never been used in Australia before.

He said they included colours such as apricot, light green and pastels as well as a multiple break effect.

The first show will be fired about 9pm and the second show at midnight lasting eight and 10 minutes respectively.

"I think they'll (revellers) be surprised by the speed and amount of firing and product they'll see," Mr Blore said.

Both displays will be computer fired and the best vantage point is expected to be Timothy Molony Oval, across from St Mary's Catholic Church.

Mr Blore, who has been in the industry for about 30 years, said each display still gave him an adrenaline rush.

"Once you lose that it's time to give it away," Mr Blore said.

He could still remember his first big show, the opening of the Sydney Opera House in 1973.

Paul Gianotti, from All Fired Up Fireworks, based at Springfield, is planning his New Year's Eve displays at Stradbroke Island, Sea World Nara Resort and Rochedale Soccer Club.

Mr Gianotti said December and January were busy months of the year for the business.

All Fired Up Fireworks has previously done shows at the Goodna Jacaranda Festival, Forest Lake Community Christmas Carols and the Springfield Lakes Christmas Carols, plus many more.

The company staged its new flame projector at the Goodna Jacaranda Festival and Springfield Lakes Christmas Carols, shooting flames about eight metres into the air.

Mr Gianotti said pyrotechnics was a great industry as you constantly entertained people.

"At the end of the day, sometimes I get more of a kick out of the crowd's response than actually doing the job," Mr Gianotti said.

Chris Bennett, from Ipswich-based Acme Fireworks, is also busy this time of year.

The business operates all over Australia.

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