Council investigating asbestos in Leichhardt

A LEICHHARDT building site is under council investigation after a resident contacted the QT saying he feared for the health and safety of people othersin the area.

The man, who asked for his name not to be published, said a visible amount of asbestos was also contained on the Avon Street site.

"I'm a bit concerned because it's all building fill," the man said.

"There should be a site fence here for a start."

"I believe a retirement village is being built here."

The man said he had been on to the site and noticed blue asbestos.

"Blue asbestos is the most dangerous. My father lives right next door to this building site and it's not good," he said.

"I'm worried about kids walking around here. It shouldn't be open so people can walk on it."

When the QT contacted Ipswich City Council yesterday morning, officers were immediately sent to inspect the site.

Workplace Health and Safety inspectors also viewed the site where a house and smaller building was demolished early last week.

A response issued to the QT from acouncil spokesman said its records "indicate that no approval has been issued for these demolition works nor have any concurrence agency referrals or building works approvals been obtained as required under the Building Act, Integrated Planning Act and Regulations".

"Council is continuing with investigations regarding the demolition of the buildings to determine if asbestos was present and to take any necessary enforcement action against the owner of the property," the statement said.

The concerned local said warning signs while construction started on the site (to be made into 29 lots) were necessary.

"I believe the builders are cutting corners," he said.

"I'm sure it's all being dumped illegally for sure. They trashed the trees and the house on this property and it's all dusty.

"I do fear for people's safety there is legislation and protocol when it comes to the removal of asbestos."

Owners of the property, Rosewood Heights Pty Ltd, were unable to be contacted yesterday.

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