Adam Swan was battered and bruised after hoons attacked him at the weekend.
Adam Swan was battered and bruised after hoons attacked him at the weekend.

Carload of hoons attacks man in front of son

ADAM Swan told yesterday how his two-year-old son screamed in fear as he watched his father being bashed by a wild pack of hoons at Lowood. Mr Swan, from Regency Downs near Lowood, said he was visiting his father on Saturday when a car filled with four men and a woman roared past. After they drove back soon after yelling abuse, his father told him to get the car's registration number so it could be passed on to the police, he said. Out of the blue, the car emptied and the four men set upon Mr Swan with savage punches and blows with bottles. Finally a massive rock was thrown at his head, fracturing his skull. "All I could think of was to defend myself and stay alive," Mr Swan said yesterday. "I was worried about my dad and my son. My son was about 30m away watching the whole thing. To see the blood that came out of me, you could see he was really worried. He was yelling, 'daddy, daddy, daddy' so you can only imagine what's going through his head." Still groggy yesterday, Mr Swan said he was taken to Ipswich Hospital after the incident but released on Sunday afternoon. "The person who threw the rock at me should be convicted and locked up," Mr Swan said. "For the size of the rock he threw at me, he obviously meant to damage or kill me. "The doctors and specialists said if it was a centimetre either way I wouldn't be here today. "I actually saw the rock after it hit me and I couldn't believe what had hit me. I thought, 'here you go, that's the end for me'. "I couldn't believe the amount of blood that was coming out. I had my hands cupped over it and it was just flowing so fast. "The sharp edge of the rock struck just above my right eye. It penetrated through to the skull and cracked my skull across to the other side of my forehead." Mr Swan said he expected to see a neurosurgeon in Brisbane once the swelling went down to determine if surgery was needed. "I ran down to get their rego plate and they obviously realised what I was doing. That's when they stopped and reversed up to me," he said. "The four of them were all drunk and it was just me on my own. "I was surrounded so quickly. I was getting punched into and was trying to defend myself as best I could." Mr Swan's father, 52, who didn't want his identity revealed, said he was injured trying to "defuse the situation and defend my son". "I'm trying to recover from an Achilles injury," he said. "Because I'm incapacitated on crutches, Adam was helping me. He was making a gate for me and we were in the process of mounting the gate when these idiots came around. "The doctors seem to think I may have torn the Achilles tendon again." Mr Swan's father said he and his wife moved from Ipswich to Lowood seven months ago "because it's a nice quiet little country town". "We're seriously thinking of selling up and moving," he said. Ipswich CIB Plainclothes Senior Constable Murray Jensen said police hoped for public help to identify Mr Swan's attackers. "It's been an unprovoked attack and a fairly serious matter so we're keen for any help from the public to help us identify the offenders and the car they were in," Snr Const Jensen said. "Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000." Police yesterday released a photo of a car similar to the one driven by the offenders and a comfit image of the attackers was being prepared. Despite the savagery of the attack, Mr Swan said he got a good look at the men attacking him. A neighbour of Mr Swan's father said he had lived there for more than 10 years and hooning was a regular event. "There's people coming up this road all the time doing wheelies, the whole box and dice," said the man, who didn't want his name published. "You tend to get used to it because it happens so much."

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