McDonald's Augustine Heights is expected to be open in mid July.
McDonald's Augustine Heights is expected to be open in mid July.

New Macca's to open by the end of July

IF YOU'RE an Augustine Heights resident and have been hanging for a Big Mac then the latest announcement from Greater Realty Springfield will be music to your ears.

In a post on their Facebook page yesterday, Greater Realty confirmed the new McDonald's at Augustine Heights would be completed by the end of next month.

The post read:


ZARRAFAS (which we can confirm WILL be a Drive Thru!), GUZMAN Y GOMEZ AND RED ROOSTER will be open by December this year!!

For those after a healthier option, we can also confirm RAW ENERGY WILL be going into the GE Building next to COLD ROCK!!!

The new restaurant which is expected to provide 80 jobs has drawn plenty of attention from the community, both good and bad, with the most common responses to the post focussed on health, as well as the idea that there were already too many McDonald's stores in the area.

"Just out of curiosity, aren't there laws about how close McDonald's restaurants can be to each other?" Leanne Malone said.

"It seems a bit odd/unnecessary to have 3 restaurants and a takeaway (Orion) all within about 5 minutes or less drive."

Cindy Johnson had similar views.

"Was thinking the same thing - regardless of population growth who is focused on the growth of the numbers of people suffering obesity and other diseases?" she said.

"Adults should exercise self control and healthy lifestyles sure however when you have one McDonald's at Redbank Plains, another at Orion and another at Springfield Lakes why is it anticipated that travelling to any of these from Augustine heights is too much?

"How many health food franchises / services exist within the same radius? SFA I'm sure."

Others were more concerned about the environment.

"I can't believe it! Those shops and take away chains are only about 10 kms away from Augustine Heights in both directions!!" Arriel Morataya Lopez-Macheson said.

"This is disturbing how many building are going up! Plant more beautiful gardens and parks to walk through and visit, not money making cement blocks that do our humanity no good!"

McDonald's Augustine Heights marketing manager Annette Taylor said the store was actually due to open mid-July and almost all of the advertised jobs had been filled.

"What I can say is that we are very happy to response we have had with regards to the jobs we are offering," Ms Taylor said.

"We've filled most of the current available jobs with training for the new staff starting this week.

"There will still be an ongoing need for crew leading up to the opening if the store, so we're not finished hiring people yet but a large quantity of the people have now been employed.

"There will also be positions comping up at our Springfield Lakes store due to some staff moving from there to the Augustine Heights site."

McDonald's Augustine Heights is the third restaurant to open in the Greater Springfield area.

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