Animal issues: State event worth watching

GIVEN that animal welfare has become a focal point wherever racing is discussed, it is fair that we consider the activities of the local harness horse rehoming group, Standardbred Association Qld (SAQ).

SAQ, in conjunction with Racing Queensland, will conduct the 2016 State Hacking and Harness Championships.

This is the racetrack career taken to its next phase, active retirement.

It will be held at Gatton Equestrian Centre on August 20 and 21.

The competition is open to all Standardbred owners, riders and breeders. With 80 classes to contest, there will be bulk horses.

For more information, contact Melissa Bell on 0412 973102.

Spectators are guaranteed a great show.

Deserved winners

THE great day finally came and the Rosewood Equestrian Group's horse float raffle was drawn at Division 10 Councilor David Pahlke's John Street office.

With tickets sold as far away as Western Australia, it was a pleasant surprise to see the winning ticket held by locals, Marina and Lindsay Kuhrt.

The Kuhrts are firmly entrenched in the Rosewood Pony Club having seen their own children go through the horse skills and character building exercises of that institution.

Lindsay was club president for a number of years and Marina is still an active instructor.

Over the years, Lindsay used his gooseneck trailer to cart horses to club musters for kids who did not have access to floats of their own.

At this point in time, Lindsay and Marina were planning to purchase an angle load float so that their ex-pony club children could pursue their future equine activities in style.

Builders of the "prize" float, Kara Kar, were happy to accept it back as a trade in.

With a cash adjustment, a four horse angle load trailer is on the way.

Lindsay's "pony club taxi" will go on providing its valuable and much appreciated service to the kids for years to come.

Industry concerns

AN update on the banning of greyhound racing in NSW indicates that, similar to Queensland, there is anxiety in NSW harness ranks.

An online poll taken on the dog decision, from a sample of 41,000 opinions, came up 54% t0 46% in favour of the ban. This result has raised questions about the long-term future of gallops and harness.

John Dumesny, CEO of Harness Racing NSW was quick to adopt a defensive position saying that the use of whips in harness "continued to be an issue" for the community in spite of tighter rules introduced in May this year.

Dumesny said he was confident that harness racing would not be banned, but he could see the whip being taken away in the future.

HRNSW Chief Steward Graham Loch said that he would support the removal of whips from a personal point of view but he could not see that happening on a one state basis.

He indicated it would be an all-or-nothing decision.

Judy Fasher, Chair of Equestrian Australia which oversees the high profile sport of eventing, had the last word.

"Any sport that ignores a problem which exists, has a responsibility to clean up that that problem or be cleaned up,'' she said.

Marburg jumpouts

RESULTS from July 23: Trial 1 - 1. Katniss (Gary Gerrard); 2. Suretobesure (Glenn Walsh); 3. Diabolo Dynamite. Time: 2-24.3.1. M/r: 2-5.5, 400m= 29.8. Margins: 25x8.

Trial 2: 1. Certainlycando (C. Rippon); 2. Tascott Lady; 3. Crackerofarainbow. Time: 2-20.1. M/r: 2-1.9. 400m= 31.5.

Trial 3: 1. Aviators Dream (Jessie Capewell); 2. Gotham City Sin; 3 Darlyn Sea. Time: 2-20.7. M/r: 2-2.4. 400m= 31.6. Margins: 6x10m.

Trial 4: 1. Mister Performance (Dan Russell); 2. Fake Romeo; 3. Teniamo. Time: 2-20.5. M/r: 2-2.2. 400m=29.9. Margins: 15 x 6m.

Handy tips

SELECTIONS for Redcliffe tonight.

R1: Box trifecta 1-2-7: Karloo Kix (B. Cockburn)-Jester Oh Jester (I. Ross)-Proby One (E. Bailey).

R2: Quinella 1-7: Tightrope (T. Dixon) and Broadway Playboy (A. Sanderson).

R3: Quinella 1-9: Polished Rocks (D.McMullen) and Ardle McArdle (I. Ross).

R4: Quinella 1-7: Nureyev (H. Barnes) and Ina Great Place (I. Ross).

R5: Box trifecta 3-9-12: Bio Marinus (G. Dixon)-Mach Alert (S. Graham)-Majestic Mach.

R6: Boxtrifecta 1-2-7: Zaras Delight (S. Graham)-Cherish The Moment (B. Cockburn)-Get In The Groove (G. Dixon).

R7: E/w 8:Waltzing Queen (P. McMullen).

R8: Box trifecta in four 5-8-9-10: Monorail (R. Jenkins)-Sharons Millicent (T. Dixon)-Continental Boy (S. Graham)-Our Overannova (G. Dixon).

Honour board

Nothing succeeds like success and the dynamic duo of Chantal Turpin and Pete McMullen are on top of the leader board again. Chantal trained three winners and Pete saluted the judge on four occasions. Most pleasing was the combination of Neville Doyle (My Delightful Lady) and Nathan Dawson starting to build a picket fence in the trotters mobiles of a Tuesday.

Redcliffe, July 22: Red Rocker (Jacob Wallace for Rachel Scott); Blythburn (Pete for Chantal Turpin); Drifting Away (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen); Barynya (Pete for Mick Butler); Vinland (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler); Bee Tees (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).

Albion Park, July 23: Boom Boom Hall (Pete for Chantal Turpin); Karloo Kix (Barty Cockburn); Royal Jacquard (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins); He Gets It (Hayden Barnes for Rod Hinze); Candyliscious (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey); The Space Invader (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).

Albion Park, July 26: My Delightful Lady (Nathan Dawson for Neville Doyle); Cougar Oreily (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott); Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies); Bettabe Perfect (Chantal Turpin).

Redcliffe, July 27: Jaycee Style (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone); The Endeavour (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen); Lady Royal Sue (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen); El Cartel (Pete for Ron Sallis); Eleniark (Barty Cockburn for Grant Dixon).

Redcliffe, July 28: Icefire (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves); Katniss (Nathan Dawson for Gary Gerrard); Havetogetawaymore (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes); Elliott Bromac (Matt Elkins for Kerry Smith).

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