Ambos top most-trusted list again

FOR the ninth year in a row Australians have found paramedics to be their most trusted profession.

Emergency service counterparts, firefighters, came in at a close second in the 2012 Reader's Digest Poll.

Rescue volunteers came in at third but police were way down the list at 11.

At the bottom of the list were telemarketers at number 40, just below sex workers at 36.

Journalists were squeezed in between taxi drivers and bankers as the 32nd most trusted profession in Australia.

Queensland Police and Emergency Services Minister Jack Dempsey was not surprised to see the paramedics and firefighters at the top of the list once again.

"You've only got to look back at the work these men and women carried out during Queensland's recent natural disasters to realise what an imperative role they play in the community," he said.

"These heroes work tirelessly and are passionate about what they do and it is an honour for them to receive the title of most trusted profession."

Nurses were voted the fourth most trusted profession and doctors at number six.

Queensland Ambulance Service Commissioner Russell Bowles said what differentiated paramedics from other medical professionals was their adaptability and ability to act on instinct.


1. Paramedics
2. Fire fighters
3. Rescue volunteers
4. Nurses
5. Pilots
6. Doctors
7. Pharmacists
7. Veterinarians
9. Armed Forces personnel
10. Farmers
11. Police
12. Scientists
12. Teachers
14. Dentists
15. Childcare workers
16. Bus/train/tram drivers
16. Chefs
18. Hairdressers
19. Meteorologists
20. Waiters
21. Plumbers
21. Accountants
23. Shop assistants
24. Builders
24. Mechanics
26. Truck drivers
26. Religious ministers
28. Financial planners
29. Charity collectors
29. Lawyers
29. Bankers
32. Journalists
32. Taxi drivers
34. CEOs
35. Real estate agents
36. Sex workers
37. Insurance salespeople
38. Call centre operators
39. Door-to-door salespeople
40. Telemarketers

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