Ambos retreat, cops draw guns at 21st bash

PARAMEDICS beat a hasty retreat when confronted by a man carrying a glass bottle at a late night party in Goodna..

The ambulance officers were called to attend the party for what they were warned was a suspected stabbing.

The paramedics found a man at 2am and feared for their safety after suffering verbal abuse from him.

In police facts put before an Ipswich court by prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo, the ambulance officers said the man had walked towards them with a bottle, causing them to retreat and call police.

Neil Reginald Johnson, 37, from Goodna, pleaded guilty to going armed to cause fear at 2am on Sunday, March 24; and two counts of unlawful assault/obstruction of a public officer doing their duty.

Sen-Const Spargo said police found 40 people on the street.

Johnson had walked out of a house waving about what looked to be a large silver knife.

Police produced their guns and Johnson retreated and hid the alleged knife, later saying it was "a plastic sword that looked like a knife".

Johnson also has prior convictions for crimes of violence.

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said it was a 21st birthday party at Johnson's mother's house which had been going well until intruders walked in.

"What tipped the party upside down was two or three gatecrashers. A lot of people shuffled these people out on to the street," he said.

"The grievance he had was with the gatecrashers. He wanted the party to start again.

"There wasn't a stabbing. But a lady who says she called said she (at the time) believed it may have happened.

"He says he picked up a toy sword.

"He can't recall police pulling a firearm on him."

Magistrate Donna MacCallum queried whether it was a toy or a knife, saying police facts were clear that it was a knife.

She adjourned his sentence until tomorrow to clarify the facts.

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