Also consider dog attack victims

Last year the QT front paged the death of my little Maltese/Shitzu "Lucy" who was crushed to death on our afternoon walk in the jaws of my neighbours "rescue"dog that shot out when the gate was opened momentarily.

Thankfully my neighbour surrendered the dog she only owned for three weeks and it was put down by the council after their extensive investigation.

As a victim of an attack, reading your article in the QT slamming Cr Antoniolli and the Council for not caring about the pets who attack and bite members of the public has another side to the story - "the victims".

Council needs to protect the community and make tough decisions.

I am sorry that the Read family lost "Jake" this way, however if the first thing that any dog does when it gets out of a yard is to bite someone who happens to be on the street or in my case attack another animal, then I support Council in dotting the i's and crossing the t's to ensure that "the owners" do all that is possible to protect our community.

The fact that "Jake"could still bite someone over the fence means that perhaps the fence was not high enough?

Rescue dogs are given up for a variety of reasons and perhaps Jake was given up for this reason, he likes to bite and there are many more victims that we don't know about!!

Take it one step further and are the AWLQ doing enough to assess dogs before rehoming them?

After having my pets attacked 4 times on my walks by dogs not properly secured, I have chosen to work with Cr Antoniolli and Council as a "community stakeholder"to look at ways at educating pet owners on responsible pet ownership and have given a "rescue"dog a loving home to help heal my wounds.

However I now carry a stick on my daily walks as the trauma lingers on and my life has been changed forever.

GRACE PRESTON, Eastern Heights


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