UPDATE 4:30PM: Mr Dean remains in touch with the NewsMail.

Just after 3pm he described a helicopter dropping water along his fenceline and said it appeared the fire front had passed him by and was headed toward Goodwood.

By 4pm he said he thought the worst was over.

"They are still dropping water to be safe, but by the longer bomber trips the fire is clearly heading west," he said.

He said he was aware the fire remained uncontained.

UPDATE 2:20PM: Mr Dean said the fire had died down a little bit but smoke was beginning to seep into his house.

He said he was wetting towels to block up cracks under doors and help slow down the smoke, but QFES had knocked twice on his house and chopper noises were very loud.

"We are okay and will leave if fire guys direct us but more important they keep fighting fires rather than worry about us," he said.

UPDATE 1:50PM: Mr Dean is still in touch with the NewsMail.

"My wife is a wreck but we are okay," he said.

"Now I see if not for fire guys three houses in this estate would have been lost for certain and I should have left.

"Too late now as I can't see a thing from smoke and ash."

EARLIER: MIKE Dean is stuck on the ground at Kinkuna Waters Estate after making the decision not to evacuate.

Kinkuna Waters resident Mike Dean's footage of the Woodgate fires.
Kinkuna Waters resident Mike Dean's footage of the Woodgate fires.

He described the approaching fire front as "almost apocalyptic" as the fire drove forward in waves.

He said he was sitting down with his wife when "suddenly the whole sky went dark with a really weird orange glow" appeared behind them.

"In less than a minute this huge wall of fire started working its way through," Mr Dean said.

"The wind and sound is unbelievable."

He said planes and choppers were constantly going overhead conducting waterbombing operations, though when speaking with the NewsMail he believed there were four choppers in the sky just above his house.

He said the decision to stay in the estate wasn't taken lightly, but he believed he was safe because the estate was surrounded by 60 acres of green grass and he had been watering his yard for several weeks.

"I'm confident to stay," he said.

"I believe we're safe but if I wasn't in the middle and well protected I wouldn't want to be here at all."

He said he was at the tail end of the fire and didn't think there was much left to burn.

He said electricity was intermittent for him, though was on at the moment and believed he had plenty of food and water to see the fire through.

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