Alleged pursuit driver’s tearful plea for bail

A MAN'S tearful pleas for release from custody were in vain when his past offences and failures to meet court obligations came to light.

"Please, I will, I promise," Shaun Greer said when he appeared via video-link from the police watch-house before Ipswich Magistrates Court.

In his desperation to be granted bail, he told Magistrate Dennis Kinsella he would meet all conditions imposed including a curfew and reporting daily to police.

Shaun Daniel Kevin Greer, 31, a dad of two from West Ipswich, first appeared in custody before the court on Monday afternoon on a range of charges, and returned briefly on Tuesday.

Going before a different magistrate, Greer pleaded that he wanted to make a bail application.

"I will do whatever it takes to do the right thing. I'm over being a criminal, please your honour, please." he said via video-link.

His application was then adjourned to go before Mr Kinsella, the court told there was still a fresh arrest warrant yet to be delivered by Australia Post.

Greer was arrested on Thursday, November 19 after an alleged police pursuit involving a Toyota Tarago in the Ipswich CBD and at Leichhardt.

Greer was arrested and charged with fresh offences of evading police; dangerous operation of a motor vehicle; and driving when unlicensed as a repeat offender.

There was also a charge alleging he was in breach of a police protection order.

On Wednesday he appeared before the court on four charges of failing to appear at court, and made his bail application.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Bernard Elmore said police opposed bail.

At the outset Mr Kinsella warned that his bail application faced "an abysmal prospect" of succeeding, and referred to his history of not complying with court orders, and that he had now been charged with evading police.

He also noted Greer had six previous entries for driving when disqualified.

"He still wants to apply for bail," defence lawyer Christy Louden, said.

"He says he is over the lifestyle he has been choosing. I've spoken to him several times and he understands the situation he is in.

"He wants to stay with his mother as she will keep him on track. The reality of the situation is hitting him."

Ms Louden said Greer claims he did not stop for police because there were people in the car who were known to police.

Mr Kinsella spoke of the various matters Greer faces, noted his many failures to appear at court and "his demonstrated inability to comply with court orders".

He said there was a risk to other people's safety.

Finding him to be an unacceptable risk, Mr Kinsella refused bail, adjourning the matters to December 3.

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