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Island blaze to burn right through the night

REDLAND City Council has warned residents the large bushfire burning on Russell Island has the potential to last for another 24 hours.

Council's disaster operations manager Michael Lollback said efforts were in place to bring the fire under control.

"I don't think it will be rendered completely safe for another 12 to 24 hours," he said.

"At the very best, firefighters may be able to bring it under control by mid-evening. The intent is to hit the fire hard to bring it under control."

Mr Lollback said the fire was burning in close proximity to homes on the southern end of the island.

"Fire crews were happy to report we have had no losses of any homes," he said.

"There have however been a number of small sheds lost."

The large bushfire has now become out of control as it moves quickly across parts of the island, with up to 60 homes reportedly at risk.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services are advising residents to move to a safe area on the northern part of the island, if safe to do so.

Police are co-ordinating buses and taxis to help affected residents get off Russell Island.

Earlier residents were advised not to head to Sandy Beach, as the area could be impacted by the fire and cut off. Residents were told to instead head for Cavendish St.

The fire was travelling in a southwesterly direction and expected to affect the area bordered by Centre Rd west to Hemp Hill Rd South, east from Centre Rd to Rampart Drive and south.

Firefighters warn some property may be lost, including power, water and mobile phone supplies.

Emergency crews also warn residents it will become difficult to breathe as the fire approaches property.

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