Alarm over dust and noise levels at Duce Joinery

HEALTH COMPLAINT: Duce Street resident Kim Petersen is not happy with Duce Joinery.
HEALTH COMPLAINT: Duce Street resident Kim Petersen is not happy with Duce Joinery. Rob Williams

THE Department of Health has been urged to investigate the potential health issues which could be affecting residents living near a joinery in Bundamba.

The issue was first reported in the Queensland Times a fortnight ago, when residents of a unit block, located less then 50m from Duce Joinery, complained about the high levels of noise and wood dust generated by the workshop.

One of the residents, Kim Petersen, has lived next to the joinery for 10 years and said he was waking up each day with conjunctivitis, coughing and headaches, which he blamed on the dust.

He believed the amount of dust and sound had increased during the years and work activity began earlier than it should.

Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller said she had referred complaints from residents to Queensland Health to ensure the health of residents was not at risk.

"It's worth checking with the department to ensure the health of the many families in the area are not adversely affected while the issues are being worked through by the appropriate agencies, including Ipswich City Council," she said.

"Residents and Duce Joinery should await the outcome of the independent investigation by Queensland Health which I am assured will be carried out expeditiously."

Timber Windows and Doors owner Adam Duce and Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale said the company had already contacted residents detailing plans to reduce noise and dust levels.

Mr Duce said the joinery had been located in the street for the past 80 years - 60 years before any units were approved - and was never kept out of sight.

He said the noise levels at the joinery had not changed in the past decade and none of his staff had suffered health problems as a result of dust inhalation.

Mr Duce said he was committed to addressing the concerns raised by neighbouring residents."

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