Age not always the issue when it comes to driving

A TOOWOOMBA lawyer has made some good points about elderly drivers.

Personal injuries specialist and president of the Downs and South West Queensland Law Association Bill Munro has warned against targeting elderly drivers after the tragic death of a six-year-old girl in a car park accident..

He believes statistics reveal that younger age groups are more likely to be involved in car crashes.

As a driver approaching the elderly status, I am heartened by Mr Munro's comments.

Certainly there exist mechanisms to remove drivers from our roads if they are unsafe because of advanced years.

As I progress up the age scale I'm finding my impatience with slower elderly drivers is waning and my intolerance for speeding P-platers is increasing.

There is probably a good argument to be made for drivers over 70 to be more regularly tested - if not yearly then maybe every two years.

There is no easy number as driver skills vary from person to person.

Generally it would be best if all drivers used common sense and practised a bit more patience.

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