Addicts the ideal deterrent for teens tempted by drugs

PETERPATTER: Q: What is the best tool parents have at their disposal to prevent their children from ever becoming drug addicts?

A: Drug addicts!

From time to time, students from our schools come along to Toowoomba Courthouse and observe proceedings in the different courts.

This is a good thing.

Hopefully, more and more of these impressionable teenagers might get to sit in on cases were drug addicts are being sentenced and see just how illicit drug use can fry the human brain, leaving the user devoid of what the rest of us would assume to be common sense.

Perhaps, in the fight against illicit drug use, some of these cases could be video-taped and played in class so our kids can see just how stupid illicit drug use is, not to mention illegal.

Take the genius who appeared before Toowoomba Magistrates Court this week.

The 30-year-old had received $100 from a city charity to get him through the Christmas break last year.

He later admitted he had used $90 of that to buy a small bag of amphetamines.

Obviously, a Christmas lunch of baked ham and turkey is just not good enough for some people these days.

After injecting some of the junk into his arm, this guy wasn't satisfied with the bang he got for his charity's buck.

So, as you do, he went straight to the police station and complained that the drugs he had just bought from a street dealer were below standard.

To back up his complaint, this genius handed over the small plastic bag with the rest of the drug and showed officers the red mark on his arm where he had injected it.

What was probably the best Christmas gift this guy ever received, police arrested him and he now he's in rehab.

Now, before you dismiss this guy as just one of those on the lower rung of the druggy food chain, be assured he has plenty of mates.

Take the Einstein who walked into a Toowoomba CBD hotel with a bag of amphetamines some time ago.

He walked right past a sign which announced "Police function upstairs" and wandered into the men's toilet block where he came upon a well dressed gent.

"Want to buy some 'speed'?" Einstein asked the well groomed man, who, as it turned out, was not only a policeman but at the time one of the head drug squad detectives in the district.

And, it's not just that some of these street peddlers lack a level of intelligence generally required to tie one's shoe laces, their drug supplying practices are hardly hygienic either.

Another guy appeared before our courts a couple of years ago on a charge of selling illicit drugs.

He had been caught offering drugs to a patron of another inner-city pub.

Asked if he wanted to buy some "stuff", the would-be customer said yes and was led to the back of the pub by the dealer.

As the customer stood cash in hand, the dealer reached down the front of his pants and yanked out a packet of tablets which had hitherto been taped - yes, taped - to his scrotum.

(Sorry, that sentence should have been prefaced with a "genitalia warning" but, after all, those of us in court that day were afforded no such courtesy.)

Yet, even after the drugs were retrieved from the dealer's trouser "office safe", the customer went ahead with the transaction.

Does that not speak volumes as to the participants and practices of this "trade"?

To spare those of you enjoying your weekend breakfast, we won't even get into the practices of those caught smuggling drugs into our prisons.

So, kids, here's a tip from Uncle Patter.

At the end of the day, no-one has ever become a better person by using illicit drugs and, as you can see by these few examples from our own fair city, getting involved in drugs really isn't cool.

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