Accused killer 'told mate of brutal murder'

THE friend of a man accused of helping his mother kill her stepfather has given evidence that his friend described the brutal murder to him the day after it happened.

Corey James Lovell, 21, and his mother, Samantha Ann Brownlow, 45, are charged with murdering 62-year-old Robin Behrendorff in his Burnett Heads home.

Tyrone Patterson, Lovell's friend at the time, said the mother and son returned to Toowoomba on Good Friday, April 22, 2011, where Lovell allegedly told him how he had killed his step-grandfather the night before.

Mr Patterson said after breaking into Behrendorff's home in the middle of the night, Lovell told him the mother and son hid in the house while the man went to the bathroom before being attacked.

"(He) picked up a chair ... and smacked him (Behrendorff) over the head," Mr Patterson said of Lovell.

"He kept on hitting him with it. Corey said he was punching (Behrendorff) in the jaw ... he said he could feel his jaw break as he was punching him."

Mr Patterson said Lovell told him that Brownlow then got a knife and gave it to her son who stabbed his grandfather before the pair fled the scene.

"He said he snapped the knife in his chest...," he said.

"He did tell me that he stared back and had a look at him and he couldn't recognise his grandfather."

The prosecution alleges the pair murdered Behrendorff so Brownlow could collect an inheritance and that she had promised $40-$50,000 of that to her son.

During his cross-examination Mr Patterson said Lovell had offered him half of that sum to help him in the murder, but he refused.

The trial continues in Bundaberg Supreme Court.

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