NOT AGAIN! A crash involving a car and a bus at the intersection of Pine and Delacy Streets.
NOT AGAIN! A crash involving a car and a bus at the intersection of Pine and Delacy Streets. Rob Williams

$2.5 million to make intersection safer for motorists

ONE of Ipswich's most notorious intersections will be upgraded after years of protests by residents and motorists.

The intersection of Pine and Delacy Streets in North Ipswich was allocated $2.5 million in last week's State Budget to make the road safer for motorists.

The stretch of road is known for accidents and confusion, with cars colliding on cue this month when Main Roads got a guided tour from Ipswich West MP Sean Choat.

He hopes work will begin prior to Christmas, but changes to the intersection could some sooner.

The money allocated to the project will be spent in this financial year and bring a close to a long standing issue.

Mr Choat said some interim traffic measures would be put in place to minimise the risk of further accidents at the intersection before work begins.

The remedy in store for the intersection won't include traffic lights or a roundabout, but focus on traffic management.

There is no date for work to commence, with community consultation to occur before plans are finalised.

"It's a significant traffic corridor now and something had to give. Our options were quite limited. Traffic lights would be a disaster and a roundabout would not bring any more clarity to the intersection," he said.

"It might be a small amount in the scheme of things but it means a lot to the people nearby."

He said traffic lights would only add to the traffic build-up and space limitations ruled out a roundabout.

He said after campaigning to Transport Minster Scott Emerson it was a relief to see the funding allocated in the budget.

"I'm really pleased. I've just hounded the transport minister. We've got the $2.5 million and there will be something done in the short term."

The work of neighbours witnessing and keeping track of the accidents helped build the case for change, he said.

"I've got a really lovely group of people that live nearby that I talk to about it.

"They ring me when accidents happen and really they have helped me make a case."

While the intersection has not seen a fatal accident in recent times, he recalled being told a story of a motorist suffering an injury on Christmas Eve.

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