Anne Webber
Anne Webber David Nielsen

Ability, not address, the key for council

I WISH to reply to the recent letter from Division 5 Candidate Trish Boike in relation to the suitability of candidates who don't live in the division.

I would have thought that the most important thing for a councillor was their ability to perform the duties expected rather than their current address. Because you live in one part of the division does not necessarily give you authority on the division in its entirety.

A resident of Karalee will not necessarily understand the issues of Newtown. With 14 years selling real estate in the area I know this as a fact. But for the record, for nine years until recently, my family lived in Stuart St at Barellan Point and prior to that three years in Newtown, albeit the Division 7 side of Glebe Rd. We have also owned a commercial building in Division 5 for 12 years. I would suggest that this is as good as being local

ANNE WEBBER Candidate for Division 5


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