CAR PARK MADNESS: The end of school day rush at the car park sometimes does not end well.
CAR PARK MADNESS: The end of school day rush at the car park sometimes does not end well. Thinkstock

My little beaut blue Hyundai is not so beaut now

AND the idiot of the week goes to ...

A few months ago after multiple breakdowns, a tow truck ride back from the Sunshine Coast and two busted radiators, I thought it was about time I got myself a new car.

Scraping together all of my savings, I took myself off to several car yards and ended up getting a great deal on a little blue Hyundai.

My children were instantly fascinated with the electronic windows and I was thrilled because for the first time in 10 years, I finally owned a car that didn't smell like shoes.

Now I'm generally a safe driver. After 15 years of driving, I only received my first speeding ticket last year.

I've had the odd car park scratches and dents but this week I had my first car accident.

It wasn't major and everyone was ok, but I smashed her up well and good!

You know the parents who can't drive properly at school pick-up time?

I'm sure all of us have shaken our heads at them as they attempt to make an unnecessary 10-point turn to exit the car park.

Well this week I was the parent everyone shook their heads at. Yes, this week that idiot driver was me!

The good old school car park ... they're great fun, aren't they?

There's double parking, traffic congestion and kids running everywhere! Mayhem!

Given that I was in the school car park, I was driving extremely slowly at the time.

But distracted by the afternoon rush and thinking the car in front of me was going to keep going at a give-way sign, I didn't stop. SMASH!

Into the back of him I slammed!

Instantly a horrible sinking feeling filled my stomach as I turned to see two very upset (and thankfully unhurt) little people sitting in the back seat.

The car didn't seem to hit very hard and since I couldn't spot much damage to his car, I assured them it was just a scratch.

Upon getting out to inspect the damage, I couldn't believe it!

The whole front end of my little car was smashed up!

I'd had her all of three months.

Fortunately, the man whose car I hit was very nice about it.

He was in his wife's new car so I'm guessing she was going to be justifiably cranky when he returned home.

I was panicking a little when I got out the car, but kindly his first instinct was to make sure everyone was ok.

Luckily the other car only had couple of scratches and a slightly pushed-in bumper . . . my little blue car on the other hand was undriveable!

We exchanged details and much to my son's delight, a tow truck came to collect us.

Thank goodness for car insurance.

I've only been paying it for 15 years.

Now the thousands of dollars spent on premiums have finally paid off.

I'll have a hire car for a week and then it's another week or so of walking to school and online grocery shopping before I get her back.

I suppose as parents, we all have little people in our cars distracting us in the school car park and we're all wanting to get in and out of there as soon as possible - at the same time.

In fact, driving with my kids in the car at any given time can be a struggle.

The car is usually filled with the sounds of excited and sometimes grumpy children as soon as we get in.

"Look what I did at school today, Mum!"

"She's sitting in my seat!"

"His foot touched me!" It can be exhausting.

I've read studies that declare children to be 12 times more distracting than using a mobile phone.

Twelve times more! Wow!

This week's stressful accident has certainly made me more vigilant when driving with my little 'distractions'.

Especially around schools and in the school car park.

Of course more than anything I'm just thankful it was something replaceable I hit and not someone very irreplaceable.

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