A good clown needs to know some tricks

AS MY daughter rolls into her final weeks of school I have been reflecting on her times at the nine schools she has attended.

Why so many schools?

That has all been my fault as I have dragged my family around the country and overseas taking on job opportunities.

It has been an amazing journey and while she has had to pack up her school bag and wave goodbye to new friends, I believe for the most part it has helped mould her into an outstanding young adult.

From a young age I have always encouraged her to laugh and enjoy life.

Even the standard six year old birthday party was introduced to her as a time to do something different.

Different meant her dad would get dressed up as Hokey Pokey the clown and entertain the kids.

I thought it was a great idea, but it may not have been the success I was hoping for.

I discovered that the trick to being a good clown is you need to able to do a few tricks.

I didn't have any despite reading up on balloon bending for two days.

All I succeeded in doing was scaring the hell out of the kids that came to the door.

Oh well, I had fun.

I wonder why my daughter never asked me to be Hokey Pokey the clown ever again?


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