Stalker went 'off the rails' after wife's cancer diagnosis

A CONVICTED Sunshine Coast stalker has told a court about how he "went off the rails a little bit" when his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

David Merton George Cox, 51, has spent the last nine weeks in jail after being arrested for breaching a restraining order. He represented himself at Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday when he was granted bail.

Mr Cox was fined last year after he was found guilty of stalking the cleaner of his apartment block at Caloundra. A restraining order was also made and it is alleged he breached this.

At court on Thursday he told Justice David Boddice: "I can promise that after nine weeks in custody and witnessing what I have, I won't re-offend".

Justice Boddice said he would release Mr Cox on bail with strict conditions. He said if Mr Cox stayed in jail on remand, he could end up serving more time behind bars than what he would be sentenced for.

Once hearing he would be released on bail, Mr Cox tried to negotiate his conditions.

He wanted to be able to access his Caloundra apartment to help prepare his legal case. But Justice Boddice said this was not possible because of the restraining order.

Justice Boddice also said Mr Cox would have to live at a place in NSW and to make sure he's home between 7pm and 6am.

But Mr Cox said last time he was on bail for nine charges he did not have any restrictions on him.

"Well Mr Cox, quite frankly, I'm deciding this," Justice Boddice said firmly.

"And that's going to be the condition… You're alleged to have breached your previously bail so you're lucky to be getting it."

Other conditions include that Mr Cox does not go within 5km of the Caloundra apartment block.

Mr Cox's stalking conviction is also currently before the Queensland Court of Appeal.


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