SPRING CLEAN: A dead mouse and a mess on the carpet prompted some unforeseen home cleaning.
SPRING CLEAN: A dead mouse and a mess on the carpet prompted some unforeseen home cleaning. THINKSTOCK

A clean sweep for Christmas

SCHOOL holidays are well and truly upon us. As is the fun and stress they bring with them.

On day one of the holidays, the very first thing I woke up to was an extremely apologetic eight-year-old and a massive blob of green, gooey/putty-like substance that she had somehow adhered to the carpet.

It was not even in a spot that could be covered with a mat or a piece of furniture.

Lucky for my daughter I have a friend who owns a cleaning business. I borrowed some super-strong cleaning products and the putty was removed... so too was the once-in-a blue-moon, overpriced, pre-Christmas manicure I had shouted myself the day before.

Next it was the cat's turn. Last week she brought a mouse inside especially to show me.

She then hid under my daughter's bed with it when I freaked out at her for bringing it into the house.

Ironically it was the night before Christmas. Evidently there was a creature stirring and Audrey had found it.

She eventually ran out of the room, leaving the mouse behind.

How the cat actually made it into the bedroom without breaking her furry neck in the first place is beyond me. The room is so full of junk that you can hardly move in there.

When I attempted to remove the body, I discovered that under her bed was even worse. There was so much stuff jammed under there, I lost it,

"This room is getting cleaned up on the holidays and half the stuff in it has got to GO."

She knew I meant it and nodded her head swiftly.

This week we began our massive clean out. Most people tend to do a big clean out once a year.

They call it "spring cleaning" because that is usually when it is done. Silly me had left it until the middle of summer when it's stinking hot.

Cleaning was the last thing anyone wanted to do, alas it had to be done.

Another silly move was getting my kids to help me. No sooner had the clean-up began, when they discovered a bunch of old toys that hadn't been played with in months.

The distraction of "new toys" was enough to divert their attention from the job at hand pretty quickly.

After bribing them with ice cream, we were back on task.

There was a tonne of broken toys and bits of paper thrown away and if I see another supermarket swap card, I'm going to go nuts.

Seriously, how many of these things do we need to painstakingly collect to fill a book that is going to be looked at twice before getting stuffed under the bed.

I even managed to find a library book that has been missing for over a year.


I swore black and blue to the librarian that we had returned it too. Whoops.

We filled the wheelie bin and did a very big trip to lifeline.

Both rooms were emptied, the carpets were shampooed and then everything was put back together beautifully.

Their rooms looked amazing in the end and as predicted it took them just one day to mess them all up again.

My new year's resolution... next time don't bother.

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