The average Aussie will eat 1151 roasts in their life

THE average Australian will eat 1151 roasts in their life and a total 627kg of all cuts of lamb.

But Queenslanders are not eating their share while New South Welshman will put away 133kg more than the average Aussie.

The average NSW resident will eat 760kg of lamb in their lives, while the average Queenslander will consume just 505kg.

An industry report found Australia might not ride on the sheep's back anymore, but it remains an important part of the nation's culture.

Meat and Livestock Australia's We Love Our Lamb report found 70% of Australian's saw lamb as the "national meat" with 50% of the 1118 people interviewed cooking lamb roast or lamb chops once per week.

The report found there were 73 million sheep in the country, with nearly a third of them in NSW.

Queensland has one of the smallest sheep populations in the country with just 3.7 million, smaller than NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia.

Demographer Bernard Salt, who participated in the report, said lamb had been a major part of Australian culture since the beginning.

"Australia's love affair with lamb is clear to see," he said.

"Sheep were never native to Australia. Just seventy of our woolly friends arrived with the First Fleet back in 1788, but since those early days, our nation has come to adopt lamb as something of a national dish."


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