City mourns Jacko

FOR some he was a super-star gone bad but for legions of fans Michael Jackson's music will always be a thriller.

The King of Pop died from a cardiac arrest in Los Angeles yesterday aged just 50, leaving the world mourning the loss of a complicated and brilliant talent.

And while Jackson did his best to over-shadow his pioneering music with everything from his pet chimp Bubbles to dangling his baby from a hotel balcony, for his fans, the man in the mirror has left behind an enduring musical legacy.

Word of Mouth music shop owners Rob and Pat Haysom are just two of Ipswich's music lovers stunned by the star's sudden death.

“He was a wonderful musician and songwriter,” Mr Haysom said.

“He bought funk and soul into the pop realm.”

Like many Mr Haysom said he was saddened by the allegations of child abuse that blighted his once shining career but there was no denying the man's musicality.

Mr Haysom said his daughter Renee had been such a fan it had reminded him of “Beatlemania” and she had rushed to see his Brisbane show the year before World Expo - 1987.

“His dancing was very unique and he captured an era - he became the modern Fred Astaire,” he said.

As a dedicated guitar man, Mr Haysom said he had always been impressed with Jackson's choice of musicians whether it be Slash from Guns 'n' Roses or the work of Eddie Van Halen on the monster record Thriller.

Mrs Haysom, whose favourite album is Dangerous, said she could not believe he had gone so young and so quickly.

“I just felt shock, complete shock,” Mrs Haysom said.

“There are going to be a lot of devastated fans out there.”

River 94.9 presenter Michael “Moffee” Moffett said the station had been inundated with song requests since the news broke at 5am yesterday.

“People of all ages have been touched by his death,” Mr Moffett said.

“A lot of people are just a bit amazed and stunned.”

He said there were so many requests for songs off the Thriller album they decided to play the entire album track by track.

The 1982 released Thriller still remains the highest selling record of all time.

“There was really no one like him,” he said.


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