Man with $14k of tainted goods eligible for immediate parole

AN Ipswich dad with more than $45,000 worth of unexplained income and at least $14,000 worth of tainted goods can immediately apply for parole.

Michael Constantinos Giallourakis, whose children called out to him from the back of Brisbane Supreme Court as he was led back into custody, was sentenced on Monday to 21 months' jail for receiving tainted property.

Giallourakis, 32, was on court-ordered parole when he took possession of guns, jewellery, electrical items - such a fridge, mulcher and drills - and a motorcycle believed to be stolen.

When police searched his Pine Mountain home on January 31, 2013, they also found 49g of methylamphetamine, 3.545g of heroin and other drug paraphernalia.

Crown prosecutor Sarah Dennis told the court the heroine had a 20.7% purity while the methylamphetamines varied from 47.1% to 14.1% purity.

She said police found $5200 cash in a safe at the house which could not be explained.

Ms Dennis said a financial analyst had added that sum to more than $40,000 in unexplained income between August, 2012 and February, 2013.

Defence barrister Sam Di Carlo said his client had just got out of prison and had trouble securing work for four to five months.

He said Giallourakis' offending came from trying to support five children while setting himself up to work.

Justice Debra Mullins said Giallourakis had already spent 10 months behind bars when his parole was revoked for these offences.

She said she would have sentenced him to three years jail but deducted 15 months after considering the totality of the man's predicament.

Giallourakis became eligible to apply for parole immediately.

His release depends on how quickly he can get the paperwork through and the attitude of parole authorities.

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