Twins of 80 years celebrate a lifetime of laughter together

A LASTING companion could be the secret to a long, healthy life if 80-year-old twins Jean Munro and Joyce Trevor are anything to go by.

The ladies, known locally as double trouble, have always had a very close relationship, celebrating almost every birthday together, including their 80th yesterday.

"We are lucky to have each other and if we are feeling down we can always give the other a call," Jean said.

The twins admitted that they did not have 160 candles on their birthday cake, but feel if there had been, they might still be blowing.

"All of those candles wouldn't have fit on the cake and we would still be trying to blow them out," Jean said.

Double trouble is a nickname given to the ladies courtesy of their distinct sense of humour and love of teasing each other.

"My doctor told me I have a brain because he's seen it, but we're not so sure about Joyce, it could just be sawdust and water," Jean said.

The twins grew up together on a farm at Merlwood and when they were about seven made the mistake of leaving their dolls near the pig pens.

"We used to push our little dollies around in prams and one day the pigs got out and ate them," Joyce said.

"Well, toys were harder to come by in those days so we just went and got a pine melon each, drew faces on them and pushed those around instead.

"We always made our fun and even had our own language as children."

When the twins were young they yodelled on the hill in the afternoon as the cows were coming in and still enjoy singing.

"We sing with the Wondai Senior Citizens group and absolutely love it," Joyce said.

A party on Saturday night at the Wondai RSL saw the ladies enjoy the company of friends, family and many grandchildren.

"It was a lovely evening and a great catch up," Jean said.

Humour is a recurring theme in the family with a certificate of achievement presented by another sister as a birthday gift.

"It's a certificate welcomong us to the Over Bloody Eighty Club," Jean said.

The twins said they don't drink or smoke, have spent almost all of their lives side by side and believe the secret to lasting health is simple.

"Just be happy because laughter is always the best medicine," Joyce said.

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