$4 Million quarry at Bajool gets the go-ahead

A $4million quarry, which is likely to export up to 500,000 tonnes of basalt material, will go ahead at Bajool.

And although it's not likely to start off with a bang, things will pick up several months into production.

Gracemere quarry company owner David Hills is the man who submitted the development application, which Gladstone Regional Council approved last week.

His company, HME Quarry Pty Ltd, had the development approvals to operate from Bajool.

The quarry was likely to create about 10 jobs for the region.

Mr Hills yesterday said the 20.23ha site would be developed over the next couple of months, before any operations started.

Operational equipment at the site included a mobile crushing machine.

Operations were expected to get off to a slow start.

The quarry was likely to process and export about 100,000 tonnes to 150,000 tonnes of basalt material in its first year.

However, the company had approvals for an operational production output of 500,000 tonnes a year.

Operations were expected to increase over the next few months.

Mr Hills hoped the company would pick up some major infrastructure developments throughout Central Queensland.

He proposed the company would be hiring plant and crusher operators in the first stages of production.

Mr Hills comes from a mining background, which includes 20 years in the industry. Following his career there, he started an earth moving business about 10 years ago.

The quarry approval is one of several recent announcements involving the creation of new jobs in the region.

More than 155 jobs were created across Rockhampton region McDonald's restaurants recently following the Create Your Own Taste menu, and a proposed Parkhurst Town Centre was also likely to create 200 construction jobs, later this year.

Cost breakdown

Here is a breakdown of the cost to set up the quarry:

$2.5million in equipment

$1.5million in construction, which includes building infrastructure around the quarry

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