Artist impressions of the $80 million expansion at Karalee Shopping Village on Junction Rd, revealed in April.
Artist impressions of the $80 million expansion at Karalee Shopping Village on Junction Rd, revealed in April.

40 things developers want to build in Ipswich

THREE gyms, a medical centre, a car park and a shopping centre expansion are among the projects developers have applied to build, change, knock down or move between September and October.

Ipswich City Council received more than 230 development applications between September and October for everything from new business and building extensions to subdivisions and road works.

Outside major development applications, the city's housing sector experienced significant growth with an extra 850 new homes built in the quarter to June, Ipswich City Council's most recent Planning and Development Quarterly Active Report reveals.

Spring Mountain was the fastest growing suburb, expanding by122% in the June quarter with 102 new homes built while South Ripley grew by 12.5% to in the three months to June.

Here's a snapshot of of 40 development application submitted to Ipswich City Council in the two months to October.

A medical centre on Pring St, Ipswich

Telecommunications facility on Allawah Rd, Chuwar

Telstra plans to build a new phone tower on Allawah Rd at Chuwar including a 30m monopole with antennas 32m above ground.

The site was identified as the most appropriate location for the new facility, according to development application documents.

Vehicle towing and holding yard on Lobb St, Churchill

Change to a motor sports precinct on Champions Way, Willowbank

A childcare centre on Thornton St, Raceview

The proposed child care centre will provide school aged care - before and after school and vacation care, along with long day care aged between zero and six.

The Applicant, Endeavour Foundation is already operating a child care centre in the area and fully understands the local demand for an additional child care facility, documents reveal.

Extension to an office building on Brisbane St, West Ipswich

Apprenticeships Queensland has applied to expand part of their buildings on Brisbane St.

The proposed development is for additions and alterations to two existing buildings comprising the construction of mezzanine additions in each building on the site.

A gym on Springfield Parkway, Springfield

Earthworks on a highway service station on the Warrego Hwy, Haigslea

Developers have taken the next step in a 'mega truck stop' potentially worth tens of millions of dollars and creating hundreds of jobs on the Warrego Hwy.

Plans have been in place for close to 20 years for an empty patch of dirt beside the highway at Haigslea to be transformed into a massive truck stop, service centre and hotel.

Landscaping and vehicle crossovers, Swanbank

Subdivision on Briggs Rd, Eastern Heights

A carport on Elizabeth St, Woodend

Vegetation clearing and stockpiling on Abrahams Rd, South Ripley

Terrace allotments on Parkway Av, South Ripley

Outdoor storage on Mica St, Carole Park

Road and park dedications on Fernbrook Blvd, Redbank Plains

Approval to override the planning scheme for a subdivision on Hoepner Rd, Bundamba

67 town houses on Berrigan St, Redbank Plains

Expansion to shopping centre on Junction Rd, Churwar

Interim car park on Wellness Way, Springfield Central

Heavy vehicle parking at Jeebropilly

A vet clinic at Goodna

Additions to existing chemical business, Goodna

A gym on Smiths Rd, Goodna

A gym on Main St, Springfield Central

78 lots and new road at Redbank Plains

Tree clearing at Collingwood Park

Earthworks and construction of Cell 3A at New Chum

A bushland management and flood plan at Deebing Heights

Earthworks and erosion sediment controls at Redbank

Next two stages of Citiswich at Bundamba

Stormwater controls on Salisbury Rd, Ipswich

Next three stages of Springfield Rise development

Boundary realignment on Cunningham Hwy, Willowbank

Subdivision on Spring St, East Ipswich

31 new lots on Willow Rd, Redbank Plains

A boundary realignment on Hills St, North Ipswich

A billboard on Greenwood Village Rd, Redbank Plains

Window graphics on Hoepner Rd, Bundamba

Extension to currency period on shopping centre, John St, Rosewood

Shops, childcare centre, retail warehouse, garden centre currency extension at Springfield Lakes

Ipswich has fastest growing population


Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick
Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick Inga Williams

THE region's projected population growth over the next 25 years and development hot-spots will be mapped in an Australia-first program from this month. ShapingSEQ, the new regional plan for the southeast corner was released last year supported but the new online dashboard, called 'Measures that Matter', is one of the leading actions from the plan and an initiative unique to Queensland.

The program is one of the State Government's key tools to plan infrastructure to meet population growth demands.

Ipswich is expected to have the fastest growth in the state in the decade to 2021, at a rate of 5% a year, or a total of 111,000 people.

Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick said Queensland clocking up its five millionth resident was a milestone that reinforced the need for good planning to ensure the long-term sustainability of cities, towns and suburbs.

"One of the biggest challenges we face is being on the front foot of planning during this period of continued population growth," he said.

"Successfully monitoring these population changes in our region to guide how we adjust and improve policy based on robust data, is vital.

"Measures that Matter brings together all the important data to track the progress of previous and current growth trends in South East Queensland in a transparent way that's not been done before."

Mr Dick said Measures that Matter would provide significant ongoing value in continuing the conversation about regional planning with the community, and advising government and industry about the future of SEQ.

"The dashboard compares this data with the future trends detailed in the South East Queensland Regional Plan, ShapingSEQ, making all levels of government accountable for how the region is performing in relation to various aspects of the natural, economic and social environment," he said.

"It's very intuitive and you can find information for the whole region or individual local government areas."

For more information visit

Major development in outer suburbs

Karalee News owners Janet and Chris Calver.
Karalee News owners Janet and Chris Calver. Rob Williams

CLOSE to eight months after $80m expansion plans for Karalee Shopping Village were revealed, developers have taken the next steps in readiness for the new-look centre.

Developers Urbis in October applied to Ipswich City Council to amend an entry to the new shopping centre plans but, on the ground, business owners are already starting to see major change underway.

Karalee News and Casket owner Chris Calver has been trading at the centre for close to 25 years and is waiting with anticipation for the redevelopment, and major new tenant Coles, to transform the suburban shopping destination.

"The shopping centre is going ahead pretty quickly but of course Coles Is the major tenant and there are 13 others shops," he said.

"There are rumours about what is going in, but we haven't seen anything official. Apparently, there is going to be some food shops, another hairdresser and a nail shop. The medial centre has expanded and there is another free-standing building further down.

"We've heard along the grape vine it should be finished in early April."

Developers will spend $80 million to double the Karalee Shopping Village on Junction Rd adding a new full-line Coles supermarket, 15 speciality shops and about 320 new car parking spaces, it was revealed in April.

Mr Calver said it was promising to witness large investments and retail infrastructure development in outer Ipswich suburbs.

"We have needed it for a long time, a lot of people will be pleased Coles is opening for the price comparison," he said.

"Out here we have had a need for some time.

"Some people will come here just to shop at Coles rather than go into town."

He said he understood there were development plans for a gym and an indoor pool complex across the road from Karalee Shopping Village.

"It seems to be an area of a lot of development interest and a lot of projects are being developed or applied for," Mr Calver said.

"We pay pretty high rent here so we need to have people through the door to make a living.

"When Coles opens it will be very good."

Popular developments


Land subdivision

Child care centres

Vegetation clearing

Road works

Town houses


New shopping centres and expansions

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