10 tips to save power bill shock this summer

THE scorching summer season is set to heat up on the weekend and as air conditioners and fans run hot, so do household power bills.

The Bureau of Meteorology expects Ipswich residents to swelter through highs of 38 degrees on the New Year weekend but are being urged to adopt the Summer Top 10 Energy Saving Tips to avoid starting 2017 with a scorching electricity bill.

Member for Ipswich West Jim Madden said energy savvy users could beat the heat and help save the environment at the same time.

"Summer and the festive season are traditionally times for connecting with family and friends to celebrate and give thanks for what we have," Mr Madden said.

"The extra visitors we welcome into our homes over the holidays can place greater demands on energy-thirsty electrical appliances like, air-conditioners, refrigerators, ovens, home theatre systems and swimming pool pumps.

"However, you can still celebrate in the best festive season tradition without overheating your electricity bill by adopting the Summer Top 10 Energy Saving Tips."

Mr Madden encouraged all Queenslanders to try the tips to save on household energy bills and lower network demand.

"Following these simple tips means you will keep your cool when the next power bill arrives," Mr Madden said.

"These simple, practical measures can be used by everyone to save money over summer and still enjoy the festive season."

1. Shop around for an electricity retailer that offers deals that meet your household's energy needs;


2. Buy the highest possible energy star rated appliances;

3. Set air-conditioners to no lower than 24 degrees, only cool the rooms that are being used, close all the doors, windows, curtains and blinds in the room and use ceiling fans to circulate the air;

4. Install energy efficient lightbulbs such as LEDs and compact fluorescent bulbs;

5. Turn it off at the wall - standby power can account for more than 10 per cent of your household electricity use so make sure phone and tablet chargers, televisions are switched off the at the wall when nobody is using them;

6. In the laundry, only wash full loads in the washing machine and only use cold water and line dry clothes whenever you can - when you need to use the dryer, run full loads, and clean the clothes dryer lint trap after each use;

7. In the kitchen, limit the time the fridge door is open, don't overfill, switch off second fridges when they are not needed, and only wash full loads in the dishwasher;

8. Use energy efficient Christmas decorations, try solar outdoor lights and use an esky on Christmas Day for cold drinks;

9. Make sure things like your electric hot water system and pool pump are on off-peak tariffs and upgrade your pool pump to an energy efficient model;

10. Make your own electricity by installing a rooftop solar system.

For more information about saving energy at home, visit https://www.dews.qld.gov.au/electricity/saving or join the conversation - https://www.facebook.com/EnergyQld/ and https://twitter.com/EnergyQld .

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