24 September - 23 October

The focus is on family and domestic activities at present. Romance is on your agenda but could be a little serious so lighten up. This period can however bring some unexpected good times and intimate evenings. A younger child could cause worry. You could be embarrassed into making a donation or show of goodwill that is against your better judgement. You're feeling confident and doing something on the spur of the moment is tempting. Be careful as might be let down by both someone going back on their word. Take the initiative in carrying out your creative ambitions today. Acknowledge what needs to be changed in your surroundings.


24 October - 22 November

Emotional transformations can occur when even just a single word spoken at the right moment. You could hear something or may even sense a breakthrough from within yourself but whichever way it happens a minor event could trigger deep insights which could have repercussions on the way you make decisions in the coming weeks. Just be receptive. It’s absurd to keep a scorecard when you are in a relationship. Tit for tat is not a mature way to deal with your love life. If someone is doing this to you, it could be disconcerting. There may be uncertainty about how you feel about a new person who has just entered your social circle.


23 November - 22 December

You have to prioritise your expenditure as well as the bills that may be growing now. Not everything has to be done right now, so try to figure out a way to stagger payments so that this doesn't impact upon your social life or family commitments. Of course, you need to set aside some time to do this otherwise you will create a backlog and only further complicate your finances at this time. How many hours have you spent trying to achieve a particular goal? Is it worth it? You need to balance the pros and cons of your life at present. Your ill health may relate to an emotional state of mind rather than anything physical.


23 December - 20 January

A cloud is hanging over relationships but you mustn’t allow yourself to be drawn into pronouncements and important decisions-not until you clear your mind and are able to see the situation in a balanced way. This means asking more questions and as long as you’re doing so, you’re not going to put your foot in the proverbial dog poo. You have the power now in work but that’s not equating with your personal life for some reason. You could be feeling a little tired and once again you need to take care of your health and build up your resistance. You’re in the fast lane and your emotions are stopping you from seeing the bigger picture.


21 January - 19 February

Sometimes things are building up in a crescendo even when it seems like nothing much is happening. The fastest spinning wheel appears to be still. Likewise, those who appear to be lethargic may often be the ones doing the most work. This is one of those times. The action is behind the scenes, whether you're making it or taking it. Expect benefits in the near future from events which are gestating now and which you may know little about or misjudge. You need to keep your eyes and ears open for that financial opportunity just around the corner. It's waiting for you but you may be busily distracted by trivial issues now.


20 February - 20 March

You find yourself in high-stress situations now and this could be made worse by the fact that your employer or co-worker is demanding more than you can give. Just don't spit the dummy. Work can, notwithstanding the stress, be fun - but that depends on how quickly you finish the job so there are no outstanding responsibilities. Take the initiative and be part of the group today. Conveying yourself to others clearly and concisely means you can come across in a dignified manner. Lots of energy and this could be a time to assert yourself on some matter. It’s a great time for asking for a pay rise especially if you feel you deserve it.


21 March - 20 April

Your social skills will, for the most part, improve during this period and continue for some time; however, you could also be worried about money. An outing will distract you, at least. Keeping others at arm's length is a distinct advantage, especially if you feel you're being used. Create desire and value in yourself. On the professional front, there may be protocols in place and people demanding you do things their way now and this could cause conflicts if you happen to be set in your ways. You may need to be flexible and certainly much more compliant and take it as a lesson in learning something new.


21 April - 21 May

Communications that have been held up are likely to come through, much to your satisfaction. Are you working for a hard-nosed employer? It won’t be easy to solve the issue at this time but clear and concise expression will resolve any issues now. You would be looking at new techniques of communication including non-verbal cues. Understanding the motivation behind what people say is often more important than what comes out of their mouths. You have the power to convince others now. You can communicate with depth, intensity and passion when expressing your ideas. Be careful not to push too hard as power struggles may arise.


22 May - 21 June

Meditative practices offer you an opportunity to recharge your worn out self and also step people who are giving you a hard time currently. Pay attention to where you leave valuables as you are likely to misplace them. You can however to look forward to a rise in pay or even an unexpected bonus. Maybe a quiet word to those who control your salary wouldn't hurt now. Your physical strength is obvious but in what way can you make that work for you? Exercise, correct diet and other transforming lifestyle decisions can help you on every level of your being. Analyse what you want, and organise your routine through self-discipline


22 June - 23 July

Don't resist other's plans until you get a taste for it. You'll be surprised at their logic once you accept it. But there's no harm in haggling over price if you think you can get a better deal. You can't really get your ideas across to today so it’s best to just zip it! More listening and less talking is the key. Also, sometimes especially if you are able to articulate your ideas verbally, write everything down and spend some time creatively presenting your concepts point by point. There may be a block between you and someone you usually have great communication with. You are practical and working with others gives you a lift.


24 July - 23 August

If you are thinking of embarking on a new project now is the time to do so but you may be stifled by someone who is dragging their feet and is an essential key figure in the process. You’ll have the drive and energy to do something special to achieve wonderful successes so hopefully, this person won’t knock the shine off your success. You will also be blessed with an unusual insight that can help you move forward on a business project or career matter. You need to work more closely with co-workers if you are to achieve a more positive end. You may be desiring to do things alone. Sexual are likely under these transits now.


24 August - 23 September

Your decisions based on the money today may not be completely clear. Postpone any promises. The Moon at this time doesn't deny you a business partnership - it's just the timing's not best. Wait a little bit longer. The planetary forces shaping your romantic destiny seem dull. Luckily, your grievance and doubt over relationships are short-lived. Playing authority and nurturer all at once will pull you apart at the seams. Draw a line in the sand but first, define who you really are and how you want to be perceived. Until you can make a firm decision on this you will be torn between two conflicting perspectives.

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