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As a locally owned and operated company, Smart Pest Control treat homes in Brisbane and S.E. Queensland with our proven pest control services. To deal with the pests outside and inside your property we use completely unique treatments. Our team of experts is waiting for your phone call, equipped to eliminate the pests from your home with safe & reliable pest treatments. Offering tailored pest control services to domestic homes and industrial properties. We bring you a wide range of safe and effective treatments for pests & insects. We take care of every kind of pest problem there is including rodents, spiders, bees, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches & more. Our devoted and friendly pest controllers are ready to help you at any time. We care about our customers & our expert services are covered by a 12-month warrantee.  Pest Inspection  A total of 1 in 4 Australian households will suffer from termite attacks during its lifespans. Property pest inspections should be done prior to making a house purchase. Buying a home is really a long-term financial commitment, you can't afford to make mistakes. Place your trust in our building/pest inspectors who are certified and licensed by the QBCC (Queensland Building & Construction Commission). Our building inspector will focus on the inside and outside perimeter of your household. The inspections our team carries out is influenced by strict Australian standards and code of practice. When we identify harmful termites, we'll provide you with a number of choices to fit every circumstance & price range. We offer thorough reports that leave no stone unturned and include details on pest activity and damage to structural integrity. Make a call to our experts right now to get a absolutely free consultation about how we can safeguard your residence. 

Treating Ants  There are many types of ant species found in Qld but only a small number are untreatable. The two most invasive ants in Queensland are the little black ants and coastal brown ants which can build huge colonies in households create the most concern. More often than not, ants build their nests in wood or soil. In your home, ant colonies could be found in wall structures, under floor boards and even in window frames. Ants are highly capable of destroying wood material by excavating it so they can nest. Motivated by the necessity for a food source, ants will march significant to obtain it. After an ant locates food, it brings it back to the nest. You can actually help to reduce ant infestations in your residence by cutting back trees, sealing off cracks and cleaning food spills in a timely manner. Simply call our licensed and qualified ant control services right now to eradicate your ant problems permanently. 

Getting Rid of Cockroaches  Pests like cockroaches are unrelenting Neoptera insects that are better known for their resiliency & adaptability. They're able to live up to three weeks without having food, 7 days without any water and can lay several thousand eggs in a single year. Discovering cockroach species is challenging unless you possess the knowledge of a pest technician. The American Cockroach along with the Australian Cockroach are probably the most commonly encountered species seen in S.E. Queensland. Of all of the species which are household pests the German Cockroach is among the most troublesome. Infestations may start right after a German Roach has a hitch-hiked a ride on your suitcase or a package you might be carrying. To end your cockroach problem we utilize a combination of roach bait gels & eco-friendly preparations of insecticides. Don't delay! If you have cockroaches you really need to get rid of them. Get in touch with our pest technicians today. 

Eliminating Bedbugs  Bed bugs are active mainly during the night & go after the blood of napping human beings. Bedbugs could pass along the disease and contribute to all kinds of other health hazards. The most effective defence against bed bug infestations would be to make use of the expert services of a bedbug exterminator. We provide you with a selection of strong and effective treatments that get rid of bedbugs where they live and breed. Our experts will carry out a thorough inspection of your home. Our highly skilled technicians will design a tailor-made solution for bedbug annihilation at your house. 

Look No Further!  - Friendly customer service with a smile. - Committed to providing trustworthy and dependable services. - Highly affordable pest control with one year warranty. - Internal and external pest control treatment solutions. - All our pest controllers are licenced and fully insured. - Certified and licensed pest management specialists. - Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for house and commercial complexes. - Termite treatment & protection that works. - Thermal imaging system to detect thermal irregularities which are caused by termites. - 100% accurate pest inspections that wipe out problems before you move into your new residence. - Expert pest control at reasonable prices. Get in touch now for a free quote. - Satisfaction guaranteed with full warranty. Act Now  For industry-leading pest control services and guaranteed results & satisfaction check with us right now. We strive to become your number one pest treatment service. Make an appointment today and wave goodbye to all those bothersome insects! Thank you for your recent visit to our website. We expect to meet you very soon! 

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Ryan Mead

4/78 Merivale Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, 4101, Australia

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