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WorkTimeManager is a cloud-based employee scheduling, timesheet & time tracking app that allows employees to clock in and out from the job site using their mobile APP with Geofencing and GPS tacking of remote workforce. WorkTime Manager to help companies replace paper timesheets with accurate, electronic time data as well as making payroll and invoicing faster and less costly.

Employee Scheduling

The scheduling and employee management software reduces the time it takes managers to create and communicate schedules. All scheduling and employee information is stored in one central location, so managers have access to time-off requests, availability, skill level, and certification compliance

Mobile Time Attendance with GPS tracking

Staff can clock in and out using their smartphone. The staff's GPS location will be attached to each clock in and out so you can rest assured your staff are at their designated workplace.

Eliminate the need for physical presence in the staff's territory. Get alerted for late and absence

Monitor and track all remote employees right from your mobile.

Online Timesheet

Employees can submit their timesheets for administrators to approve or reject. The solution provides tools for admins to track the employee's timesheets and compare timesheets against employee's roster. The solution also provides a set of customizable reports and scheduled email alerts to both employees and administrators.

Employee Licenses & Certification

Administrators can upload employee licenses, certificates resume and other important documents like diplomas and certificates to keep an accurate log of information.

Track expiration dates and automated alerts to supervisors & employees about critical re-certification dates


ClickTime Pty

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